Geo gave me the BIGGEST confidence boost. I wasn’t a dancer and had never danced in heels before! I went to her private classes first to find my feet, I was very nervous but she instantly made me feel comfortable. She is professional yet makes the sessions so fun and enjoyable giving really good advice on how to dance to the best of your ability!

Tia Sullivan

I’ve had both private lessons and open classes with Georgia. I had not danced for about 7 years until I started with Georgia, and was really nervous about getting back into it. I had absolutely no reason to worry, straight away Georgia makes you feel like a sassy queen. Every single person in that class is so lovely and supportive. Georgia will be there bigging every person up (even if they go wrong), giving us all so much confidence. I always come out of her classes/privates feeling a million times better than I did going in. Her routines, attitude and just general ora is amazing- she has made me love Monday’s! I cannot wait to get back to classes.

Zoe Fullbrook

I think what makes the classes so special is how passionate Geo is about empowering other people through her craft. I have learnt so much from attending the classes weekly and grown not only as a dancer but also as a person, I had never danced in heels before I attended the class for the first time and now I can’t get enough! every week Geo teaches a new routine and switches up the vibes to keep it fresh and suited to every type of dancer. I’m so glad that I found heels empowerment, I can’t recommend these classes enough!

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